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sqldmo.dll and dependencies

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Posted 28 November 2002 - 23:59

Anyone know which files are contained within the DMO.msm, DMO_RES.msm files. I need to know this, I need to create a SQL-DMO 2000 object using InstallShield Professional Version 6.2, but I'm having all kinds of trouble getting the sqldmo.dll file to self-register during the install. I think I'm missing a dll but I can't figure it out. :angry:


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Posted 29 November 2002 - 13:31

there is a note on this site, at http://www.installsi...en/bugs_msi.htm

that might be of assistance.  i have copied the relevant text here...

Merge Modules Dependencies Can't Be Resolved

Adding DMO.MSM (that comes with MSDE 2000) to a project causes build errors that it can't find DMO_RES.MSM. Manually adding this module to the project doesn't solve the problem. Even if you manually add both MSMs you are added to the project, you'll get error messages when building the package. The same problems applies to other merge modules in MSDE 2000.Cause:
   MSDE 2000 includes some language specific merge modules, like DMO_RES.MSM. However the language entry in the ModuleSignature table is 0.
The (language independent) DMO.MSM depends on the English (language 1033) version of DMO_RES.MSM, and doesn't accept the "language neutral" version.Workarounds:
Open DMO_RES.MSM, go to the ModuleSignature table, and change the entry in the language column fom 0 to 1033. Or get the hot fix from Microsoft.Status:
This problem can be seen by examining the modules with Orca. It affects all merge modules delivered with MSDE 2000 in sub folder MSM\1033 except Sqlbase.msm. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in MSDE 2000. A hot fix is available, see knowledge base article Q281184 for more information. FIXED in SQL Server 2000 SP 1.Created: 2000-08-17    Last update: 2001-08-24