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INSTALLDIR changes to default dir during modify

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Posted 15 April 2002 - 16:28


I have 3 features in my product. I install the 1st feature in D:\ XYZ folder. When I run the installation again and choose the modify option and try to install the second feature, I see that the destination folder is pointing to the default destination folder i.e C:\Program Files\<<product name>> and not to the folder D:\XYZ where I had installed the first feature.

Can someone tell me why this is happening and how can I make it to point automatically to the directory where I installed the first feature ?? I need to install all my features under the same parent folder.

All my components' destination have been set to INSTALLDIR\
(except for a few which point to System folder)



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Posted 15 April 2002 - 17:19

Hi Sadiq,

I just recently overcame this exact same problem.  I found the solution by searching these newsgroups so I won't repeat but search for ARPINSTALLLOCATION and you'll find many useful questions and answers.

Hope this helps,


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Posted 13 March 2003 - 16:35

sadiq, good luck.

I'm been fighting this problem for months now. Nobody from this site or Installshield has ever responded to my problem. Our freind Joe has offered a great suggestion that is the closest thing you'll find to a solution.

This apparantly isn't a bug, so this must be a new improved "feature".