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Calling a Ax DLL with IS Professional

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Posted 23 September 2003 - 22:11

I have used Desaware's Spyworks to create a wrapper around my ActiveX DLL so I can call it from IS Pro. I can call all the functions; however I am having difficulty with STRINGS within the function calls.

For example:
sString = "Hello"


Public Function TestHello(ByVal sString As String) As String
    TestHello = sString
End Function

will give me the correct responce. Yet if I snoop the actual value while in the fucntion - it looks like "??????Q????". So if I try to do anything to the variable within the function I will be operating on "??????Q????" and not "Hello".

This is a simplified version of my actual problem. I just cannot seem to get it to work. Has anyone worked with this utility before http://www.desaware.com/SpyWorksL2.htm ?

btw - i think this post needs to be moved to a more appopriate category smile.gif

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Posted 23 September 2003 - 23:45

well, i answered my own question.... dropped this desaware spyworks thing, and went straight to COM objects in InstallShield. so easy now...