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Choosing Other Directories

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Posted 12 December 2001 - 21:16

How can I use the "InstallChangeFolder" dialog to ask the user the location of other valid directories that I need to create at Installation?  What does the event "SetTargetPath" [_BrowseProperty] 1 on the "OK" button do?

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Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 12 December 2001 - 23:33

_BrowseProperty  is the receiving property in the 'Tail' PathEdit box.  Which is filled in by the user selection.  When OK is pressed SetTagetParh sets the destination path of TARGETDIR.   INSTALLDIR is derived from TARGETDIR. (look at the directory table with ORCA after you have built your msi)

If you want to use other directories with a similar dialog replave the SetTargetPath with a suitably defined type 35 custom action.