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Install and Start NT Service

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Posted 28 March 2002 - 10:54

Hello all,
Can someone please give me a hint or some leads on how to use Install NT Services and Control NT Services in Components / Advance Setting. I am using InstallShield Developer 7.0. I couldn't find much details in IS on-line help or documentation about those feature.

Currently, I can install my software (which runs as a NT service) and then I have to use DOS shell command to install the service to SCM and do "net start serviceName" to start it.
If I add the service name into Install NT Servies of that service component then on installation, I got internal error 2762 from my service and then another error -1603 (Fatal error during installation) from Windows Installer.

Help please and thank you very much.
--Phuong Nguyen


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Posted 10 April 2002 - 17:48

I have had a problem try to stop an already running service when a component is being installed.  I used the "Control NT Services" under the component in IS DEV 7.  I then opened up the ServiceControl table using the direct editor and removed the period followed by the nasty number appended to the service name.  That seemed to work.