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ARP not letting me Remove

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Posted 06 January 2002 - 03:42

I minor upgrade a product using REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=All ADDLOCAL=All.  It completes.  I then open the ARP from the control panel and after a a bit of installer preparing to install, ig et a dialog saying "... a previous version is already installed..." and that I should remove it form the ARP.

What am I dong wrong, please?

Kurt Schneider

Kurt Schneider
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Posted 07 January 2002 - 16:29

Skip Sailors,

I can tell you how I got rid of that annoying message.  When I was playing around with patch stuff I noticed that in the Release Wizard there is a 'Patch Optimization' thing.  This asks for previous version code to do some kind of optimization of sorts.  You are supposed to browse for previous versions of the product and it will save a path to the older .MSI.  When I filled of this option I began noticing the dialog telling me that a previous version was installed.  When I cleared this previous package thing in the Release Wizard the dialog went away.

Hope this helps