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IS Developer 7.04 and IIS Virtual Dirs

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Joachim Krumnow

Joachim Krumnow
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Posted 11 October 2002 - 07:12

Hi Installers,

I'm using the newest IS Developer 7.04 and need to create a Virtual Directory for IIS 5 (Windows 2k). So I was happy to use the new support for this in ISDev 7.04. Everything works fine, but at the same time when the Virtual Directory "VDir" is created, an COM+ object with the name "IIS-{Default Web Site//Root/VDir}" is set up. And even worse, this COM+ object remains after an uninstall, while the Virtual Directory in IIS is removed. Next time I try the Setup.exe, one more of these COM+ objects is generated. Aftrer trying my setup several times, I had 8 COM+ objects with this name.

Any hints? I don't need the COM+ object at all, and I have to build a setup with an clean uninstall. Maybe I have to do some script programming to create the VDir like in the old times...

Thanks in advance


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Posted 07 November 2002 - 11:32

We have the same problem.

On 1st october I wrote a message on InstallShied forum, bat nobady answer :-(