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Problems with re-used project

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Posted 12 February 2003 - 15:47

Current situation:
Product A with its own setup (very similar to B).
Product B with its own setup (very similar to A).

My task is to create new Product ABC which contains the existing products A and B, and a new product C (similar to A and B). The new Product ABC has to be the upgrade version for Product A and Product C!!!

My way: I take the setup of Product A (re-use) and enhance it with B and C. Product-Code, Package-Code and Upgrade-Code of Product ABC are different to Product A !!!

The problem: If Product A is already installed the dialogs of the A setup appear after the start of the ABC setup!!! If Product B is already installed the correct dialogs of the ABC setup appear after the start of the ABC setup.
My analysis by now: very early (before any action) the log-file contains the following line
MSI © (30:D0): APPCOMPAT: looking for appcompat database entry with ProductCode [ProductCode of Product A].

I think the problem starts here. Why does the setup look for a appcompat database entry for Product A if the setup of Product ABC is started? ???

Please help!


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Posted 03 March 2003 - 20:15

This is strange. I have seen this behavior when the product code is resused.

Try locating the msi for Product A in winnt\installer. Delete it then retry the install of Product ABC. If it is correct, then somehow msi is re-running Product A in "Maintenance" mode instead of loading your new msi. This usually only happens when the codes are reused.

You can also try passing REINSTALLMODE=vdmus on the command line. The 'v' parameter forces the new msi to be used rather than the cache. This must be on the command line, not the Property table.

Also, check the log for "Maintenance mode". This will be indicative of the old msi being run.