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Access 2000 Merge Modul Problem

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Posted 15 November 2002 - 10:35


i am new to MSI and wanted to include Access 2000 Medge Module to my setup. The problem is I can't get this module to get installed optionally. A have assosiated it to a separate feature, but even it's deselected, Access is installed on the target machine. Is this a bug in Installshield or what am i doing wrong?

Thanks for every help.


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Posted 02 April 2003 - 07:08


I have just spent a lot of money and quite some time getting an Access2000 merge module to work - if you can, forget it! It has Microsoft bugs in it and you can bet your bottom dollar they are never going to sort them out. It trashes Microsoft Access installations on target machines running Win98.

You have to package up the files required then program an optional call in to the installscript - call the data1.msi in the AccessRT folder.

Hope this helps - don't mean to be so negative!

Marian Tryggvason[br]Computer Solutions