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How to make a modeless dialog box

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Posted 01 June 2001 - 17:20

I am new at installshield (Windows INstaller 2.0)and
wonder if anyone could help me.

I am trying to make a modeless dialog box which could  serve as a background for my setup dialog boxes ie i  am trying to create a full size modeless dialog box  which has a green color bitmap as an image.
Then i would put this dialog box just before
InstallWelcome dialog box in the sequence list;
and my modeless dialog box would serve as a full
screen green color background for all the dialog boxes
which will appear when setup.exe is run.

1. i made a new dialog (by right click on dialogs in 'dialog explorer')
Modal: False
Keep Modeless: False
If i put Keep Modeless: True set up hangs and i have to kill it from Task Manager.

2. Then put the dialog box just before InstallWelcome dialog box in Sequence table

Now, what happens is that for one moment, my new
dialog box is displayed with welcome dialog on top of it but the next moment my dialog box disappears!

How can i make it remain until all the dialogs of setup are displayed.

Pl help..it is urgent!


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Posted 01 June 2001 - 18:26

Have you looked into using a Bilboard?  I believe this would suite your needs better.


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Posted 01 June 2001 - 23:56

I tried billboards for many days but inclusion of billboards creates problem of Focus ie one i include a billboard into  my project, the dialog boxes (that appear in setup.exe) lose focus.
Instead. The focus goes to the desktop (taskbar at bottom of computer screen)

I will highly appreciate any help...
I have been trying to get this done since many days!!


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Posted 07 June 2001 - 20:26

A Billobard control will not do what  you want.  In Windows Installer, a Billboard is used to display ActionText messages.

In order to keep your modeless dialog, you need to add the value of the KeepModeless flag to all the *other* dialogs in the sequence.

For example, the attributes of your WelcomeDlg will generally be set to 3 (Visible, Modal).  Add 16 and make the attributes 19 (Visible, Modal, KeepModeless).  This will retain any existing modeless dialogs.