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Doesn't IS5.5 (in IS6.x CD) support languages?

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Posted 16 April 2003 - 15:26

Hi to all,
I installedd the InstallShield 5.5 available on the InstallShield 6.x CD because I have some old project I want to keep both in IS5.5 and IS6.31.
These setup support different languages string values (english, french, spanish, italian and german).
When I build them with IS6.31 it's all ok, when I try to package them with IS5.5 I have an error:
Error: -7221
Category: Build manager
Summary: Language(s) not supported
Description: Unsupported languages: Italian, Spanish

What's the problem?
I thought InstallShield 5.5 available on the InstallShield 6.x CD "keeping" 6.x features, including supported languages, isn't it?
Or I'm fault something during InstallShield 5.5 installation?

Thanks to all,
ciao Giuseppe

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 16 April 2003 - 20:58

IS6 only supports one language, unless you add a language pack.
IS5 on the IS6 CD also supports only one language, as it doesn't include a language pack.

If you have an existing multi language IS5 project your best bet is to install your old IS5 International edition, instead of the one on the IS6 CD.