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Setting Checkboxes to be unchecked

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Dave I

Dave I
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Posted 08 April 2002 - 15:02

Am I right in saying that checkboxes are ticked if the associated property exists regardless of the value it holds.

Following from a previous post, if the user ticks the checkbox and then clicks then back button I want this value to be reset otherwise a conditional component will be activated.  

Setting the value to FALSE obviously just keeps the checkbox ticked as it has a value, UI have looked the MSI help on the "reset" control event and "checkbox" control.


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 08 April 2002 - 15:14

You are correct.  If a property exists with any value the check box will be checked.

To clear a check box set the property to a null string.  Null strings and non-existance are equivalent in msi.
Ian Blake
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