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DIFxAPP with NDIS intermediate driver

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Posted 08 May 2006 - 18:33

Hello all,

Has anybody ever been able to install an NDIS intermediate driver with DIFxAPP? I've been trying to do this, unsuccessfuly so far... I have a small msi, with the DIFxAPP.msm module merged in. I add the .sys and the two .inf files. I enable the Windows installer logging. Then, when I run the msi I get all sorts of errors from DIFXAPP:

- if I leave the components' destinations for the two .inf files the same, DIFxAPP complains about "multiple driver packages"

- if each .inf component has its own destination, I get a error 0x52, failure to add driver package to driver store.

- I read somewhere that 0x52 may be caused by a failed signature verification, so I enabled debugging on my machine (XP Pro, SP2) and set the _DFX_INSTALL_UNSIGNED_DRIVER environment variable to 1; I get the same error.

Any pointers/suggestions appreciated!


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Posted 15 May 2006 - 08:18

I don't know about an environment variable but the Flags column of the "MsiDriverPackages" table does have a flag you need to set:

const DriverLegacy = 8 ;;Default requires driver to be signed

When you moved the INF, I assume you updated them to point to the new .SYS path (or you moved the .sys files as well)...

Dennis Bareis

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