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file update

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 05:20


I am a newbie to Installshield application. I am trying to create a new package for a certain applicaton of mine..As part of it, I need to add three constant lines at the end of a windows text document present in a certain directory.

Lets say the document (..\system32\etc\folders\services.txt) is always present here...Thru installshied, I need to open this services.txt and append three lines at the end of this document. Lets say the three lines are:
Line1 Input11 Port 1111
Line2 Output11 Port 1112
Line3 Error11 Port 1113

How do I go about updating this through installshield scripts...


Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 15 June 2003 - 09:27

This is pretty simple to do. The code would go something like the following:

NUMBER nResult, nvFileHandle;
STRING szPath, szFilename;

szPath = <Specifies the path (which may include a drive designation), of the file you want to open.>
szFilename <Specifies the unqualified name (that is, without a drive designation or path ) of the file you want to open.>

nResult = OpenFileMode(FILE_MODE_APPEND);
nResult = OpenFile(nvFileHandle, szPath, szFileName);

if (nResult = 0) then
 nResult = WriteLine(nvFileHandle, "Input11 Port 1111");
 nResult = WriteLine(nvFileHandle, "Output11 Port 1112");
 nResult = WriteLine(nvFileHandle, "Error11 Port 1113");

 nResult = CloseFile(nvFileHandle);
 MessageBox("Unable to open the file '"+szPath^szFilename"'.", WARNING);

NOTE: I didn't compile this code, but it should be close to syntactically correct. Also, you should have better error checking/handling in your actual code like testing the individual WriteLine results, but this will at least get you going.

By the way, welcome to InstallShield.

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