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Various Install Types

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Posted 21 February 2001 - 15:57

I am trying to create an installer with Wise Installer for Windows.  I have an application that must be installed one of two ways depending on whether it is being installed on a laptop, or a stationary workstation that is always connected to the network.  I have created a feature that contains the core files required by both installations and two sub-features for the different types of installations.  I want to use the Typical, Custom and Complete installation types, but cannot seem to get it so that Typical and Custom are different.  If I change what gets installed under Custom, then Typical changes to the same settings.  I also cannot create an installation that installs both sub-features since each one has different DSN's with the same name.  How can I acheive this?



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Posted 22 February 2001 - 01:18

I don't use WISE, so I don't know how this will work out for your implementation.  However, if you take the final package and edit it though ORCA, you should be able to get the package working.

First, the standard WI UI uses the Custom button to launch the CustomizeDlg.  This displays the default feature set (the same as the Typical) but offers the ability to change the install levels of the features in a Selection Tree control.  If you want to change the behavior of the CustomizeDlg, then you need to edit the Control and ControlEvent tables to make it do what you want to do.

There are some considerations here.  First, in the standard InstallUISequence, the display of the WelcomeDlg is *after* CostFinalize, and changing things in CustomizeDlg effects the Feature Table fairly directly.  I think what you are going to want to do is to add a couple of lines to the Condition Table that will allow you change the InstallLevel of your sub features by selecting a property value with the pushbutton controls on the SetupTypeDlg.  Then place the display of the dialog *between* CostInitialize and CostFinalize.  If you put it after CostFinalize, then it will essentially have no effect unless you recall the CostFinalize action.  That may be possible ... I recall reading something about that, but have not tried it.

Make sure that your sub features are *not* set to 'follow parent'.  Also associate the different directories or rename your DSN's.  If you don't, then the installer will probably chug along happily installing the first file and later over-writing it with the second.  Depending on how you generated the File column for your File Table, you can also have the installer choke on duplicate file names ... they must be unique in the column, and I have no idea how WISE would handle that.

If your application absolutely requires that the core files have to go to the identical folder structure, then I suspect you are in a Catch22 situation for a Complete install.