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Modified NT-Rights after Setup

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Posted 28 September 2001 - 13:05

Following Problem:
After the Setup all subdirectories of the destination dicrectory got the rights of the destination dicrectory.
My applications needs in some subdirectories more rights as in the destination dicrectory.

Any idea ?

Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 04 October 2001 - 22:50

You can try to use the sample already posted on this web site - "Set NTFS File and Directory Permissions"

This sample shows how to call the cacls tools in Windows NT 4 and 2000 to set access rights for directories on NTFS. You don't need to test to find out if the partition is NTFS or FAT - the command executes without doing anything on a FAT partition (since there are no NTFS permissions) - no error is returned (it hasn't been tested on a FAT32 partition). Of course you need to have Administrator rights.

Note: Some special user names are localized on different language versions of Windows, e.g. instead of "Everyone" you have to use "Jeder" in a German version of Windows, else this function will fail.

prototype NTFS_Fix();