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silent uninstall

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Posted 09 March 2005 - 17:54

Morning everyone,

This is the deal,

My first thing my current installation program needs to do is un-install a product from the PC.

This previously installed product was installed using IS 7 and was done completely using InstallScript.

The previously installed program relied on the un-install being invoked via the control panel.

That being said, I CAN indeed invoke the un-install of this product but I CAN'T seem to find away around eliminating the "This will remove. Do you want to continue" AND the "XXX has been successfully removed from your machine" dialog boxes.

Both of which require someone to click on a "yes" and "OK" button.

I've tried recording a response file for the un-install but neither of the above dialog boxes are recorded in the response file.

Make sense ?

My question then is:

How might I un-install this previously installed product without requiring user intervention ?

Everyone's time in responding is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Posted 25 May 2005 - 07:12

I am facing almost the same problem withe the only difference been the dailog boxes.

Do you have any solution for your problem? smile.gif

If you have found the work around by now, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!


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Posted 07 June 2005 - 05:40

Try this; i also posted my query in the same forum but didnt get any answer:

I got the solution for that; putting it here in case if somebody needs it:
1. I used the same GUID as the earlier installer.
2. I added the inbuilt ComponentReinstall() to OnMaintUIBefore().
3. Since the GUID is same for the installer and i have incrementing the major version, i get the Maintenance UI, where i am askd to upgrade from 5.x to 6.X.

If is select to upgrade then the previous installation is removed and 6.X installed and since the 5.x files stil in running, i am propted to reboot.

It worked for me!! let us know if it helps you as well.