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Uninstall in Installscript MSI project.

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Posted 21 December 2005 - 06:21

I am working on installshield MSI project using IS10.5 professional.
I am trying to remove ( uninstall ) application from the shortcut created during the installation[ B](strat-program-Applicatoin name-/repair or Remove application)[/B] . There is some GUI sequence is while removal(uninstall) . But the GUI is not displyed if i try to uninstall from the shortcut.

The Arguments in the shortcut is given below.
Repair/Remove shorcut

Arguments : /x {Product code}

If i try to remove it form the control panel/add remove programs
then the uninstallation shows all the required GUI sequence before uninstallation. Then what is wrong with short cut menu?

In Addition to this : With the Arguments : /I {Product code} /qf
if tryto remove from shortcut

windows installer pops up the Dialog showing " 1:" message and abort. (see the attachment)

as per the Help /qf is used for FULL GUI option. i dont know how to do this? am i doing anything wrong ?
please help me.

Thanks ,

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Posted 21 December 2005 - 06:30

i apologies for inconvenience caused...

by mistake i posted the my query in this forum.
this my first query ....


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Posted 21 December 2005 - 09:31

Following topic is related to MSIExe.exe command line parameters, which is the Windows Installer Service for MSI based installers. This might be helpful to you in solving Shortcut problem:

MsiExe.exe Command line parameters

For "Creating Uninstallation Shortcuts for InstallScript MSI Projects" please see

Creating Uninstallation Shortcuts for InstallScript MSI Projects

I hope that would help.