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InstallShield 12 Upgrade from Installshield 11

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Posted 06 June 2007 - 18:34

1) Opened installer.ism file in installshiled 12.

2) Saved As installer.ism (in Iinstallshield 12)

3) The ism file is build.

4) Install the build installer with a previous version (from installshield 11) intalled causes error.

I. Error 2721: Custom action ISSetupFilesExtract not found in Binary table stream.

- and the setup exits

5) I manually removed that custom action (I don’t think that’s right) but it removed that error, but gave another error

I. Error 2721: Custom action SxsInstallCA not found in Binary table stream

6) This custom action is not in the installshield custom actions. I found them in the merge modules

I. Merge Module 1: Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm

II. Merge Module 2: policy_8_0_Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm

Anyone has any ideas???


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Posted 17 May 2012 - 13:31

hi vimal
I am facing the same problem.. upgrading the project from IS 11.5 to IS 2011.
Were you able to identify any solution for it?
Please let me know