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Hotfixes for InstallShield DevStudio

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 26 September 2003 - 14:15

InstallShield has released two hotfixes for DevStudio 9: one for the full version (CD release only) and one for the evaluation version.

Hotfix for full version of DevStudio

An engine file that is shared between Professional 7 and DevStudio 9 InstallScript projects is overwritten by DevStudio 9 InstallScript projects. The result is a run-time error or "Component Transfer Error -142" if a Professional 7.x setup is executed on an end user's machine that previously install a DevStudio 9 setup.
This issue exists in the CD version of DevStudio 9, and only applies to InstallScript projects (not InstallScript MSI projects or other DevStudio 9 project types).

It is strongly recommended that all developers who installed InstallShield DevStudio 9 from a CD download and install the hotfix. The hotfix will work on all DevStudio 9 installations, regardless of their source.
End users experiencing this issue can also run the hotfix.


Hotfix for Evaluation version of DevStudio

The first release of the DevStudio evaluation would not run from inside the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Rather than allowing the user to evaluate the product for 15 days, it requests a serial number to use the product. This issue does not affect the evaluation when someone is using the standard DevStudio 9 interface.

This problem has been resolved. Users who encounter this issue should see a message from the Update Service when they start InstallShield DevStudio