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Hardware & Software for Deployment

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Posted 30 March 2008 - 13:00

I just want to check with the community what kind of hardware setup and software you use for your deployment work. I find that there are few other areas of computing where the hardware you are using make more of a difference than when working with deployment. Currently I am not lucky enough to have a good platform to work on, but here is what I generally prefer for deployment work:

RAID 0 Adaptec SCSI setup with high RPM disks for main workstation (THE most effective way to improve productivity). Believe me, if you set this up, you will never go back... Noisy though.
Dual 19" screens on main workstation.
Test Computer with full compliment of virtual sessions of various OS types (preferably VMWare).

Wise Package Studio for repackaging
Installshield for projects that require delivery of different setup flavours
Pletora of tools: dependency walker, oleview, procmon, MSI log file viewer, etc, etc....
MSDN help files installed
Latest Visual Studio

I find the above to be the most important tools and items to stay effective. Curious what other ways people have found to improve productivity?
-Stein Åsmul


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Posted 27 June 2008 - 22:25

Hi ,
I am using the same hardware but as for software:

I am using InstallAware 7 and am very pleased to use its features like partial web deployment, superior compression, 32/64 bit setups in a single package, free web updates, capture setups, repackaging, automation interface, dialog designer, powerful MSI scripting, 2 way integrated IDE, Vista support, one-click deployment of runtimes, IIS support, .NET support and much more.

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