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Uninstall icon

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Posted 05 February 2002 - 13:41

How to create uninstall icon in the start program menu with the application.
I am able to create the application as well as help and user guide too for my appliction but i am not able to create the uninstall icon with the my user can easyly uninstall the application from there itself ,please help.


Kurt Schneider

Kurt Schneider
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Posted 05 February 2002 - 16:23

Try these out:

HOWTO: Creating an Uninstallation Shortcut on the Programs Menu
Document ID: Q105629
This article applies to the following:
Product(s): InstallShield Developer 7.0
Last Revised On: 10/29/2001

I would like my users to have the option to uninstall by either selecting the uninstall icon or by going to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.


The following steps shows one method of adding an uninstall icon.
Browse to the General Information/Product Properties, and copy the Product code GUID {Include Curly Braces}

Browse to the Shortcuts/Folders view

R-click on the Programs menu, and select new Shortcut

Locate the Target property of this Shortcut and Place [SystemFolder]Msiexec.exe as the value

Locate the Arguments and place /x {product code including curly braces}

Name new shortcut in the Display name section

Build, Run, Test

Following these steps will create a shortcut on the programs menu, which will uninstall your setup.


HOWTO: Creating an Uninstall Shortcut for a Standard Project via the IDE
Document ID: Q105808
This article applies to the following:
Product(s): InstallShield Developer 7.0x
Last Revised On: 02/04/2002
When an uninstall shortcut is created for a Standard project using the following command line:
[SystemFolder]Msiexec.exe \x {PRODUCT_CODE}
some registry entries, as well as the entry in the Add/Remove Programs applet still exist after the uninstallation. This article explains the correct way to completely uninstall a Standard project via a shortcut.


When creating an uninstall shortcut for a Standard project, the file that would be launched is IDriver.exe, rather than Msiexec.exe. IDriver.exe will be installed automatically, and there is no need to manually install this file. The shortcut to launch IDriver.exe would look like the following:
Arguments: /M{Product Code}
Advertised: No
Target:[CommonFilesFolder]InstallShield\Driver\7\Intel 32\IDriver.exe

In the above example, {Product Code} would be replaced with your actual product code. It might look similar to the following:

Arguments: /M{7C071035-F334-11D5-818A-00C04F288311}

To find the Product Code for a particular project, follow the steps below:

Open project in InstallShield Developer

Click Step 1 - General Information

Select Product Properties

Note the value of the "Product Code" field in the right panel

These were pulled from the InstallShield Knowledge Base.  Perhaps they will be of some use.

Good Luck

Kurt Schneider