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Uninstalling using Setup.exe

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Posted 23 March 2008 - 13:37


I'm having problems with uninstall when called from setup.exe.
We modified the OnResumeUIBefore to run OnMaintUIBefore and the same for After sections.

When I use add/remove to remove the our software, everything is ok, but when I do try the same from the setup.exe, all the files are removed, but features are not removed, even though we're using FeatureRemoveAll() and IS does not remove the registry entry, so next time you run setup.exe, it again gets to resumeUI instead of firstUI.

In order to resolve problems in upgrades/patches, we added "REINSTALLMODE=vamos, REINSTALL=YES" to the release, and I think that might be causing the problem.
I did a verbose uninstall and in the logs I noticed that the features are marked to be reinstalled instead of to be removed.

Is there any way to clean those flags from the installscript?


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Posted 24 March 2008 - 16:44

I've been able to resolve this problem, by using a custom action that calls MsiSetProperty to remove the REINSTALL and REINSTALLMODE.

I do have another problem now.
When I'm uninstalling the program from the add/remove menu, the install directory is not removed if the user chooses to keep the install log file that is in the install directory.

Problem is, that when the user uninstalls the program from the setup.exe file, the install directory is completely removed all the time.

Does anyone know how to set installshield not to remove specific files?
I tried to use "Disable(LOGGING)" before it creates a directory so that will prevent the install directory from being removed, but that did not help either.