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Shortcuts through IDE

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Posted 09 April 2001 - 15:43

I haven't had much experience with ISWI yet and I'm a little confused on how to implement something. Any advice that you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to complete an install that has two choices for the user.  The install is fairly simple.  It has a pdf file that drives all the other source files.  When I do a full install a shortcut is set to INSTALLDIR and the driver points to all the indexed files.  The problem lies, however, when I try to only install a minimum install with the shortcut pointing dynamically to the user's CDROM drive.  
There appears to be no dynamic path variable that I can use for this.  In script, I can access the source by using SRCDISK but when I set the shortcut in the IDE using [SRCDISK]program files..., it doesn't work.  Any ideas?  


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Posted 16 May 2001 - 18:53

Step 1:  Create a Feature and set it's remote installation to Favor Source.
Step 2:  Create a Component within this Feature and set it's remote installation to Optional
Step 3:  Add your file to the Component and set it as a key file.
Step 4:  Create a shortcut to the Component and set Advertised to Yes.  

If your file is an executable and the icon can be extracted then build an uncompressed release of the setup.  This will not install the component to the target and the shortcut will open the source located on the CD.
I had a problem, because the file I wanted to access was a .pdf file.  It would not extract the icon so I had to create my own .ico file and include the path to it when creating the shortcut.