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How does setup.exe debugging work on a remote m/c

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Posted 06 February 2005 - 23:03

I am trying to debug a pure installscript installshield project on a windows 2003 ent server box. This box does not have Installshield Devstudio installed in it.

I tried the procedure shown below and nothing ever happened (or I did not know what was supposed to happen). I had the same experience when trying to generate a verbose log file using the /verbose option. I would appreciate if some one could enlighten me with the actual process.

The following is an excerpt from the IS setup.exe command line options help file

/d : Debug InstallScript (InstallScript projects only)
For an InstallScript project, running the command Setup.exe /d runs the installation program with the InstallScript debugger.

Debugging InstallScript code requires the debug-information file Setup.dbg to be available. To debug an InstallScript project on a system other than the development system:

- Copy the InstallScript debugger executable ISDbg.exe (located in the System folder of your InstallShield DevStudio distribution) to the test system, and register it by launching the executable with the /REGSERVER command line argument.
- Copy Setup.dbg to the test system.
- Run Setup.exe with the command Setup.exe /d"<path>", where path is the directory containing Setup.dbg.


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Posted 07 February 2005 - 21:13

Hi guys, this is reply I received from David from the installshield community forum and it works. The only catch was to copy the script files also to the remote machine and to build with the option of "Generate inline debugging information".

This should not be difficult. Unfortunately, if there is anything wrong, Setup just runs in normal mode. So:-

1 - Make sure you have copied the debugger (ISDBG.EXE) to the target system and installed it by running it with /regserver

2 - Make sure you have compiled your source for debugging when building the media. The check box is on the Build menu, Settings dialog - "Generate inline debugging information". I always do this. It makes for a bigger .INX file but not that much bigger (this eliminates the need for a SETUP.DBG file).

3 - Make sure you recompile before running SETUP.EXE!

4 - Make sure your Script files will be accessible. Maybe copy them into a CD if the development system is unreachable. Keep the same directory structure as it simplifies finding them while debugging

5 - Run Setup /d plus whatever other arguments are required. You can also add /d to the RunOnce String if your Setup needs a reboot.

Hope that helps,

David Briggs
Technology Director
Vector Networks