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How to access the same Property values from within Deferred, Rollback

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 20:48



I wrote a Deferred Custom Action that deletes some Directories on the user's machine. My custom action takes a list of directories from a Set-A-Property CA in InstallShield. This way I get the list of directories to delete using Session.Property("CustomActionData").


I want to add Rollback support to this CA, so I've added a Rollback and Commit method to my script. My Deferred action now moves the directories to a temporary location, and on commit it deletes this temporary location and the containing folders, and on rollback it restores them to their original location.


My problem is that, I don't want to have to create a Set-A-Property custom action for each of those CAs, since the Deferred, Rollback and Commit basically needs the exact same list of directories. Is there a way to have my Set-A-Property action set the CustomActionData of all three CAs, or am I really forced to duplicate it for each one?


Thank you

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 09:06

No, you can't. The property you set needs to be the same as the name of the custom action, and the action name must be unique.