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Information about MSI 3, MSI 4, and ClickOnce

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 11 November 2003 - 17:36

On this year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC 2003) in Los Angeles, Microsoft published some information about the future versions of Windows Installer (MSI 3 and 4), and presented a new installation technology, code named "ClickOnce", which is not based on Windows Installer. Here are links to some PowerPoint presentations:

Advanced Deployment Topics: Installing Your Application
Learn about upcoming improvements to Windows Installer (MSI 3.0 and 4.0) to make installing and servicing your applications based on Windows Installer simpler and easier. This session also discusses when to use Windows Installer vs. the new ClickOnce technology.
(Session CLI371 held by Om Sharma, Program Manager for Windows Installer)

Introducing ClickOnce: The New Web Based Application Deployment for Windows Forms and “Avalon”
Learn how you can write Windows applications that utilize the powerful features of the client, yet are as hassle-free to deploy and update as a Web-page. "Whidbey" introduces a technology called ClickOnce, which allows developers to deploy and update their applications by simply copying the files to a Web-site and doesn't require separate setup authoring. These applications are isolated from other applications, and as a result have the TCO advantages of a Web browser-based application. "Longhorn" takes your investment in ClickOnce forward and adds great additional capabilities such as background updates, full desktop shell integration, progressive rendering, and more.
(Session CLI370 held by Jamie Cool, Program Manager)

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