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Feature install level condition from property woes

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Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes
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Posted 22 March 2002 - 15:44

This is driving me nuts!

ISWI 2.01 - I have a feature that I only want installed if a radio button property is set to a certain value - basically I'm rolling my own Setup Type dialog....

The feature (default level = 200, INSTALLEVEL = 100) has a condition of

Level: 1             Condition:INSTALLTYPE < 3

I have a group of radio buttons built around the INSTALLTYPE property, which has a default of 1 in the property Manager

If I select the radio button which set's it to 3 (and the value is displayed on the next dialog as a debug check), the feature STILL gets installed.

However if I set the property to 3 on the command line whne I launch the MSI, then the 3rd radio button is then selected as expected, and the feature DOES NOT get installed.

From this I can only deduce that the feature conditions are evaluated before the UI sequence is run, which seems just plain wrong.

Anyone else have experience of this????


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 22 March 2002 - 16:09

Your deduction is correct. Feature conditions are evaluated during the CostFinalize action.