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Services Multiple Dependencies.

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 06:24


Regarding the multiple Dependencies in INServ.ini. According to the description for the function CreateServiceA (in Advapi32.dll), it takes a pointer to a double-null terminated array of dependency names. Each dependency name is separated by single-null characters. You should use a character such as ‘|’ to separate dependency names in InServ.ini. Then, replace each ‘|’ with the null character '\0' in Service.rul.

When i read this out, the string must be set as ABCD\0XYZ\0123ABC\0
But at the same the definition of STRING data type says :- However, InstallShield does not support multiple null terminated strings in the same string variable.

Please let me know if anybody is aware of using the multiple dependencies for services.



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Posted 01 April 2004 - 17:53

Actually, the string should be "ABCD\0XYZ\0123ABC\0\0". Don't forget the double NULL at the end.

Initialize the string as "ABCD*XYZ*123ABC**" and then replace the '*' characters with '\0' characters.

Then, use ServiceAddService to create the service, or to update its values. Make sure you set the SERVICE_IS_PARAMS.lpDependencies value to "ABCD\0XYZ\0123ABC\0\0" before executing ServiceAddService.

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