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What if I only want to copy files?

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 23:04

My "installation" only really consists of asking the user to accept a licence agreement, offering the user a target folder and allowing them to change it, then unpacking some files to the target folder. The user can then open the files and edit/read them. There is nothing to execute and there are no registry entries or updates. My "application" won't appear as an installed program as there is nothing to "install" biggrin.gif ! I might offer the user a desktop shortcut to the folder containing the files. Is there a tool that can just do this? Everything I have looked at must install, update the registry, etc. Thanks in anticipation.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 22 June 2006 - 08:52

Looks like you want something like a self-extracting ZIP file. Of course you could do this with InstallShield (using the Compact project type) but there are probably cheaper solutions. You may want to lok at INF-Tool or some other tools that are listed here (in section "Non-MSI Setup Authoring Tools"):