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InstallShield internal script (InstallScript?)

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Posted 25 July 2007 - 13:41

I have a similar post on InstallShield's community forum, but no one gives me any suggestion yet so I ask the questions below as well to see if I have better luck here.

How can I see InstallShield's "internal" scripts? (I am not sure if it is the right term.) I mean after I have created a InstallScript MSI project that has all the functionalities I wanted and tested OK, would there be a way to see the actual "InstallScript" that InstallShield is using in that project? I would like to see how it actually creates the Registry key and name/value I defined; how it creates the shortcut; how it calls my custom actions (executables); how it uses scripts and API functions to trigger different stages during installing the actual files; how it calls the my setup prerequisite and merge modules; etc., etc.

I need to see those because my company wants to completely customize our dialog boxes and installation process, using our own created new dialogs. Modifying the existing dialogs that come with InstallShield IDE does not meet all our requirements. I have to create our own checkboxes, radio buttons, progress bars, etc., of course. But I am stuck in this way or that and advancing slowly in the past few weeks. Mostly importantly, some parts, such as hooking up my own created progress bar to the actual installing progress, I don't even have a clue on where to start.

If anyone out there has been successful in creating their own customization installation, your opinions will be very much appreciated. We are kind of trying to gather enought information to make a decision of whether it is worth to continue or should just give up.

And last, if I cannot do this in InstallShield, can I create complete customized dialogs and install steps using MS Installer 3.1 SDK?

Thanks for all suggestions.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 02 August 2007 - 10:40

You can insert the default script code using the combo boxes at the top of the script window. The dialogs are called in the OnFirstUIBefore, OnMaintUIBefore, OnFirstUIAfter and OnMainUIAfter event handlers.
In an "InstallScript MSI" project (as opposed to a pure "InstallScript" project without MSI), the target system modifications such as creating registry entries and shortcuts are not performed by the script but by the Windows Istaller engine, based on the entries in the msi database.