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Displaying errors or messages in a silent setup

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Posted 16 August 2001 - 15:10


In my setup i check what version of Internet Explorer the user has, and
depending on the result
the installation continues or aborts after displaying the user with an error

Now i've made a silent install of the setup and the message is never
displayed. It does show in a normal setup (nonsilent), so this is a big
problem for me. How can i display dialogs in a silent setup? In older
versions of InstallShield all dialogs or messageboxes that wasnt generated
or uncommented in the responsefile was displayed to the user even in the
silent mode. According to one of the InstallShield workers this was only a
"hack" that i found and was never by design. If this is true i plea that you
add this to the next version of IS or preferably release a MP for 6.X.

How am i supposed to display errors that may occur in a silent setup?

Thank you,



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Posted 16 August 2001 - 15:11

Sorry, posted in wrong forum... should have been in InstallShield 6.0.