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Posted 08 June 2001 - 19:14

After integrating yet another language into our installation I began seeing a failure when calling DeInstallStart().

We now get an app error dialog:

DlgcacWinName: _INS5576._MP - Application Error
The instruction at "0x0047325a" referenced memory at "0x672d6576". The memory could not be "read"

This happens if there is no .isu file already present. Although it ends up leaving a corrupt one that is always 8k in size. If I turn right around and try again, DeInstallStart() will fail again but in the 'normal' way since the previous log file is corrupt.

Having just integrated Czech our cab files is up to 200+ MB, have we exceeded some limit? Anyone seen this before?


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Posted 08 June 2001 - 20:06

BTW - That was on an NT 4.0 SP5(?) system. I also get it on any other system I try, so on a 9x box the message is the more familiar:

_INS5576 caused an invalid page fault in
module _INS5576._MP at 015f:0047325a.
EAX=00000000 CS=015f EIP=0047325a EFLGS=00010202
EBX=672d656e SS=0167 ESP=006bf054 EBP=006bf71c
ECX=006bf06c DS=0167 ESI=0000001c FS=3acf
EDX=0000092d ES=0167 EDI=006bf5fc GS=5526
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 73 08 85 f6 74 21 57 8b fe 8b 76 04 8b 07 50
Stack dump:
0000001c 005b0000 0044de14 672d656e 006bf851 0000000c 3b504d43 61746164 454d4f3a 43204147 72505c50 6172676f 6946206d 3a73656c 333a3132 74696232

Looks to be the exact same place in memory no matter what.