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Installation status

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Posted 12 July 2004 - 20:40

There are around 10-15 steps that I do during installation after copying the files. I would like to show this to the user in the form of a dialog which displays

Step 1 Success
Step 2 Success
Step 3 Failure
Step 4 In Progress
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

I would like to update this dialog as and when each step is completed, and let the user know if it was success or failure.

Which dialog box should I be using for this? I want a dialog box where I can modify the text frequently. I cannot use any of the pre-defined dialogs like SdShowInfoList(), since these dialogs wait for user intervention. I want a modeless dialog like StatusEx, or SdShowMsg, where I can display the dialog, and then continue with the installation, and then update this dialog whenever necessary.
Can I create a custom modeless dialog?

Please help

Many Thanks,


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Posted 02 January 2005 - 13:38

this is how i do it:
i have a custom window that was created in Visual studio.
the dialog has some basic API such as 'set free text', 'check content' etc.
to launch the dialog i launch a second setup that only launches the dialog and waits for it to close. the main setup doesn't wait for the second setup to end, this way the main setup is alive and can update the dialog.
good luck


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Posted 27 January 2005 - 17:13

I think you can always use STATUSEX. Thats the best way to show the progress of any operation. I use it in my cutom function when Installshield goes into Maintenance mode. Do not complicate things by writing your own custom functions or dialogs.


SetStatusWindow(10, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(20, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(30, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(50, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(70, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(90, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");
SetStatusWindow(100, "<YOUR STATUS MESSAGES>");



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Posted 14 April 2005 - 04:32

Hi Viswanathan,
I need similar modification in STATUSEX, but the text have to change accordingly to the feature_events (feature_installed). What you specified is with percentage of completion. I noticed that even feature events are handled in STATUSEX dialog.

So how can i change the text according to Feature_Events.

Thanks in Advance..

Vishnu smile.gif