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InstallShield 11.5 Pro shuts down when accessing

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Posted 31 January 2011 - 15:57

Have you heard of the following issue occurring:
I have had InstallShield 11.5 Professional installed on my Windows XP, sp3 machine for approximately 2 years. I used it in May 2010 to build a new script.
I tried to open that script today using File/Open as well as by just selecting the script from Existing projects and InstallShield shut down. I then tried to create a new script and I am able to enter the file name and then again InstallShield shuts down. I had installed two fixes Hotfix 4 and hotfix 6 so I thought that these caused the problem. I then uninstalled InstallShield 11.5 Pro and then installed from the CD. The install went well. I tried to open the existing script again and had the same problem. I reapplied the hot fixes and continue to have the problem.

Have you heard of this problem? My only other option is to uninstall InstallShield 11.5 Pro from this machine and then install it on another machine but if there is something else that you know might cause this, I would be happy to try it.



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Posted 28 December 2011 - 14:46

Hi, Sheila,
I had the same problem a while ago, but since my brother is an expert, he resolved it for me and didn't even bother to explain how... if you want, I will ask him for details and get back to you.