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File Grouping & Type

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Posted 16 February 2005 - 22:59

Hi there! I don't know how to group files using "Setup Type" for InstallShield Express 5.0. Here a simplified explanation:

We are planning to install a system that has three groups of files, say A, B
and C.

Group A always goes to [InstallFolder] (the installation folder). Group B can
go to a predefined folder (like [MyDocuments] or to [InstallFolder]).

Finally, group C, that can be seen as a feature, can be installed into a
predefined folder (say [ApplicationData]), to the [Install Folder] or not
installed at all.

In which folder each group of files will be installed depends of the Setup
Type the user selects:

· "Typical"
A-> [InstallFolder]
B-> [MyDocuments]
C-> [ApplicationData]

· "Client"
C-><not installed>

· "Server"
A-> [InstallFolder]
B-> [InstallFolder]
C-> [InstallFolder]

I have been unable to construct an Installation for the "SERVER" configuration. "Typical" and "Client" setup types worked fine.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 17 February 2005 - 11:55

You need to specify custom directory names for B and C (like GROUPB_FILES etc.), and set this directory to either [MyDocumentents] or whatever destination you want in the partcular configuration) using a custom action.


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Posted 18 February 2005 - 22:13

Thanks for your help!
Working with your solution I found that no matter which "Setup Type" I selected in the "Setup Dialog" my "Custom Action" always returns "Typical", although I have "Tipica", "Cliente" and "Servidor".

My Custom Action is:


Function setPath()
 MsgBox Session.Property("SetupType")

end Function

The custom action is invoked 'After Setup Type dialog'.

Do you have any advice on this?

Thanks in advance.



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Posted 19 February 2005 - 19:22

I found the answer by my self. The property name, in InstallShield, is: _IsSetupTypeMin (and not SetupType).

My problem now is "how to create 'custom directory names'" as suggested by Stefan Krueger.

As I couldn't create 'my folder', I used the built-in DATABASEDIR property, that is modified on the custom action. (The third group of files I planned, will need a new name... but maybe in next version.)

For anyone interested, below is the complete VBScript code. If later somebody posts how to create "custom folder names", the script can be easily adapted. Note that _IsSetupTypeMin always return those values (Typical, Minimal and Custom), no matter which names are given in InstallShield.

Thanks Mr. Krueger for the tip!



 Const dbFolder= "DATABASEDIR"
 Const insFolder= "INSTALLDIR"
Function changePath()

 Select Case Session.Property("_IsSetupTypeMin")
   Case "Typical"  
     Session.Property(dbFolder)= session.Property("CommonFilesFolder") + "myDB"
   Case "Minimal"
     Session.Property(dbFolder)= "" ' actually, not installed
   Case "Custom"
     Session.Property(dbFolder)= session.Property(insFolder)
 End Select
'MsgBox Session.Property( dbFolder )   ' remove comment for debug
end Function

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