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String-Parameter to Delphi-DLL

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Posted 09 August 2002 - 16:38

In my installShield-programm I call a delphi-dll with a string-parameter, but I get an error.
How must I hand over this string from installshield to the delphi-dll?


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Posted 15 August 2002 - 17:32

In InstallShield script you would have something like this:

prototype INT SierraInstall._FormGetInstallationID
               (POINTER,  // _lpszInstallID: PChar;
                POINTER,  // _lpszInstallShareName: PChar;
                POINTER,  // _lpszTargetDir: PChar;
                POINTER,  // _lpszInstallationType: PChar;
                POINTER,  // _lpszCustomInstallationType: PChar;
                POINTER); // _lpszCDVersion: PChar): integer;

code section:
nResult = SierraInstall._FormGetInstallationID

Inside your Delphi DLL specify the DLL as:

function _FormGetInstallationID
          (_lpszInstallID              : PChar;
           _lpszInstallShareName       : PChar;
           _lpszTargetDir              : PChar;
           _lpszInstallationType       : PChar;
           _lpszCustomInstallationType : PChar;
           _lpszCDVersion              : PChar): Integer; stdcall;

You also need to export your function calls in the project file:

 _FormGetInstallationID           name '_FormGetInstallationID';

Hope this helps.
John Ames
InstallShield Developer/Configuration Management Specialist


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Posted 16 August 2002 - 12:35

Thanks for your answer.

What about the solution that I declare in InstallShield a String-Parameter and the DLL expects pChar?
Can I use this also?
At the moment, it works.