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mutually exclusive features

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 17:11

mutually exclusive features
Is it possible to create a Parent Product with several sub features that are mutually exclusive? For example if I have Product A with feature 1 & 2 and you can only have one or the other. So in this case if I select to install feature 1 can it disable feature 2? Further more can I have one set to disabled or rather "will not be installed" by default?


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Posted 18 May 2011 - 22:54

You could try to create an install condition on your features. The condition would reference the other feature and if true, set the install level to 0 which would exclude it from the installation.

Given 2 features: A and B
Condition on A would be &B != 2 if this is true, set the level to 0
Condition on B would be &A != 2 if this is true, set the level to 0

A feature action (&) that is not 2 means that the feature is not absent. You would need to augment this for feature actions that are advertised (1) since this is also a form of installation. Or you can turn off advertise.

Look here for some help with conditions and feature states vs actions:

There are 2 columns when entering install conditions, a level column and the condition.
I do not see a ! in the available operators so I think you will need to use NOT = 2 rather than != 2.

This is the easiest way to do it I think...barring the weird syntax used in the conditions themselves.

Good luck

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 23 May 2011 - 18:24

You can set a feature to not selected by default by setting its InstallLevel value to a value that's higher than the INSTALLLEVEL property. At least that's how to do it in a Basic MSI setup. Not sure if this also works in InstallScript MSI.

In a InstallScript MSI project you could use the SdAskOptions dialog with the EXCLUSIVE flag instead of the usual feature selection dialog.