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InstallShield 2010 or InstallAware 9???

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 22:59

We are thinking of switching from our current Wise product to either InstallShield 2009 or InstallAware 9. Does anyone out there have experience with products of either or both lines? If so, which is better, in your opinion and why?

I've worked with InstallShield products before (Dev 8 and IS 12) and didn't have any earth halting problems. It was easy to use for the most part.

What I've heard about InstallAware is that they are usually on the leading edge of technology, but their installations sometimes do not behave as intended.

The one thing I like about Wise was the Visual and Script views, which InstallAware indicates it has. I can't remember if IS had that functionality or not. It just made it a bit easier to work with Custom Actions.

The one with the more robust web functionality would have the edge as well.

They seemed to be priced about the same with the versions we were looking for.

Any information would be more than greatly appreciated!

Thanks Much!


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Posted 14 March 2011 - 11:35

Hi Superfreak,

It totally depends on your requirement. Installanywhere is basically made for Multiplatform. So if your requirement is creating installers for different OS than go for Installanywhere. But it imposes lots of limitation.

However if you have to make installer only for windows OS, go for installshield without giving any second thought.

Rahul Gupta