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Feature Installed: Advertised on Uninstallation

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Posted 13 November 2015 - 07:55



I know that removing a component on minor upgrade leads to the corresponding feature being set to "Advertised" state.


But I have never seen such a behaviour on uninstallation


until yesterday:

one of the features is actually reported as "Advertised" on uninstallation. I.e. InstallValidate writes to the log file:


MSI (s) (68:FC) [10:19:50:147]: Feature: Feature1; Installed: Local;   Request: Absent;   Action: Absent

MSI (s) (68:FC) [10:19:50:147]: Feature: Feature2; Installed: Advertise;   Request: Absent;   Action: Absent

MSI (s) (68:FC) [10:19:50:147]: Feature: Feature3; Installed: Local;   Request: Absent;   Action: Absent


This then has the effect that the components belonging to this feature are not removed on uninstallation.


I do not use advertised installation, and the uninstallation logs do not show SELMGR messages.


What is more strange: This occurs when the uninstallation is driven from a WiX bundle. When I start the uninstallation "standalone" (msiexec /x...), it works fine.


Any ideas as to the root cause or where to search for it?


Best regards


Matthias Reuss


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 23 November 2015 - 18:33

When you say "uninstallation is driven from a WiX bundle" are you talking about a Major Upgrade?

What are the command line parameters used to launch the uninstall?