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Icons mix up

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Posted 05 June 2003 - 14:20

I have build a number of different installations with Install Shield Developer 7.0. The application which are installed are completely different. They all create shortcuts on the desktop.

I now want to install all these applications on the same computer. I just call the applications A and B as an example.
So first I install the application A and afterwards the application B on the computer. The Install Shield projects belonging to these applications do not have anything in common (no shared files etc.). Also the executables used by the applications are completely different.
But after installing application B to the computer the shortcuts of it show icons from application A.
For example application A has to do with image manipulation and the icon associated with the executable shows a small image, while application B has to do with geography and the icon associated with its executable should show a small earth globe. But instead the shortcut of application B also displays the icon of application A.
I have checked the Install Shield project over and over. The executables are Components with the executable as the only (key) file. The shortcut is associated with this key file and the icon index is set to 0. When looking at the icons which can be selected in the shortcut menu of the Install Shield there are only the correct icons displayed. The executables have no information of the icons of other executables in them. Still when installing the software, the icons are mixed up.
Furthermore the "Change Icon" button of the properties menu is inactive so the user cannot even change the icon after the installation manually.

Has anybody have a similar problem and can help me? What could be wrong?


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Posted 10 June 2003 - 00:42

Windows has many bugs.... I'd bet that you have used the same ID in the "Icon" table. I'd alter BOTH to be different and never use the same key. Also change key if changing the icon.

Dennis Bareis (dbareis@No.Spam.gmail.com)
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