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How to get the selected feature in list in UI?

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 13:56

The task is to hide or unhide the feature's location button "Change" in standard Installshield dialog "CustomSetup" during modifying features.

The problem is that this button is hided by default if condition is "Installed".
And if I installed one feature of my product and then try to envoke "modify" setup mode pressing "change" in Add\Remove programs this button is hided and the second feature will be installed to default location hardcoded in .MSI file.

If I simply remove the hiding condition then there is a risk that user can change the location of already installed feature.

So I need to check somehow what feature is in focus (is clicked by left mouse button or etc) and depending on whether this feature is already installed or not, I will unhide ot hide the "Change" button.

Are there any technics to do this ?

Note: it is important that both features may have different locations and are independent, so the desigion to ask the installation path before CustomSetup dialog is not aplicable.

Thanks everybody.


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Posted 26 May 2005 - 01:16

I have never done this before, and i dont think that there is an easy was to do it, but there is a ControlEvent published by windows installer and after reading the MSI documentation, windows installer 3.0 should allow a custom action to be run on a control event.

Has anyone else done this before?