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Update Text in dialog dynamically

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Posted 01 September 2004 - 17:13


I am trying to update a dialog text element dynamically as the user enters data on the active dialog and I am stumped. The screen I have has 4 edits on it that the user can change. As the user makes changes to any of these edits, I need to update a "summary" display of how the users changes will be transmitted through the modem. The behavior I am trying to get to is similar to AOL's modem configuration screen. As the user checks the area code box, a "Exact Number to Dial" display area is updated with the users changes so they can see how the data will be sent to the modem.

I have been able to update a listBox dynamically, but not an edit or text property. When I update the property, the dialog does not refresh.



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Posted 02 September 2004 - 01:09

I believe this is a general windows installer problem for Basic MSI projects. You just don't get the events you need to implement dynamic dialogs from the windows installer engine. I have never been able to get an OnChange event, and hence updating dialog elements is not really possible. I know some people hack this using two different dialogs that they dynamically show or hide (switching dialogs seems to force update of the whole dialog with all elements). Sometimes I have gotten around this problem by invoking the Win32 API directly from the setup and showing windows standard dialogs (such as browse for path, browse for files etc...).
-Stein Åsmul