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Silent Install

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akin smith

akin smith
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Posted 27 February 2001 - 18:00

I am packaging PaperPort for remote installation and support. However, I have encoutered problems using scans (user and system specific data obtained by setup, and written to registry), and have resorted to doing a silent install of the original. I created a Response (.iss) file, using setup.exe /r command, but the file does not (as expected) have entries for the custom dialogues, and I have been unable to obtain the relevant info from the pptsetup.log file for my manually written response file. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Posted 14 March 2001 - 20:29

I wasn't sure from your message so I am assuming you need help in recording custom dialog in .iss files and if that is the case.. this should help you in investigating solutions to your issues.  Look for following two topics under help and it will give you other links that might help you further...:  
* SdMakeName
* Create the response file
Hope it helps...