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getting IS 5.0 setups to work on new computer

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Ben Williams

Ben Williams
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Posted 07 March 2002 - 20:12

First, WHY did IS stop supporting the newsgroup?  They are so much easier and faster to use, sigh...

Does anyone know how to handle getting InstallShield to work? I want to start working on my XP computer, so I copy over an install folder, double-click on the ipr file and ... the install shield starts to come up and then ... poof!  So I try to define an isl file in the DataLinks folder under C:\My Installations since IS seems to INSIST that I have my file on the C: drive under the folder "My Installations".  But in fact, I have copied my IS folder onto another drive.  I can create a isl file under DataLinks pointing to my IS folder but it still doesn't work. Do I HAVE to put the actual folder under C:\My Installations to work on it?  Why is it so restrictive?  If I understood better how it works, maybe I could do it.  Anyone?


Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 07 March 2002 - 21:29


I have found that the name of the folder the IPR file is in must match the name of the IPR file.

If you have 'MySetup.Ipr' then that file and all the related setup files for the project must be within a folder called 'MySetup'.

I have not done much with the ISL files, and frequently delete them without any harmful effects.

There are two hard-code paths, one in the IPR file, I recall, and another in the media's MDA file that must be adjusted when you move projects around.