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scripting problem

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 21:14

I'm having trouble with scripting for an slient install of a setup.exe-s. I think it is a syntax problem.
Here is the script that I'm trying to run.
\\coam4100g112-01\altiris$\DC7600\Audio_driver_for_dc7600\setup.exe -s -f1\\coam4100g112-01\altiris$\DC7600\Audio_driver_for_dc7600\setup.iss

If I goto start>run and type " \\coam4100g112-01\altiris$\DC7600\Audio_driver_for_dc7600\setup.exe -s "
It will run with no problem
We use a product called altiris . I can run the script using an account with the right permissions. I beleive that the setup.exe was made with install shield 7.0

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 21:54

As I recall, you shouldn't need to supply an explicit f1 argument unless the silent installaiton script has a different filename than the standard one or resides in a different location. Therefore, why not just try to leaving that out like you did with Start | Run?

Although the problem may also be due to you trying to use a UNC path along with a hidden network share, so I would recommend instead temporarily using a mapped drive.

Finally, I haven't ever used Altiris myself, but backslashes are usually considered special characters in scripting languages, so check the documentation about how they should be denoted in order to be properly recognized. They may have to be doubled up or something similar (e.g. \\\\coam4100g112-01\\altiris$\\DC7600\\Audio_driver_for_dc7600\\setup.exe).

Hope it helps.
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