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Suite Projects and Multiple MSI Instances

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 14:21

Hi, I am trying to create 4 suite projects that all use the same set of msi's. I am using the mulitple instances functionality on the release tab of the MSI build, by following the instructions in the article Multiple Instance MSI's and InstallShield 12. All this works on its own but does not work with the Suite project type.

Multiple Instance MSI's and InstallShield 12

This article is excellent and just what i needed and worked a treat. However i have tried to incorporate this idea into the new Installshield 2012 Suite Project type, to try and pass the transforms InstanceID as an msi install parameter so i can have multiple suite boot straps. I think The Suite project looks in the msi to pick out the default InstanceID when determining to run in Maintenance mode. Can anyone help. I have tried everything the only way i can get the multiple suites to install the same msi, is to the change the msi productcode and rebuild the msi. Which defeats the whole point of having multi Instances. I am hoping that this is an under-site of the Suite project type and will be fixed in the future.