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Modifying built-in dialogs

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 20:11

How do I programmatically add text to a modified built-in dialog?

I tried to modify STATUSEX to show some text messages below the status bar. In the DevStudio, I went to UserInterface->Dialogs->STATUSEX. I clicked on Edit Dialog Layout, and added a multi-line text area.

Now, I want to programmatically add text to this area. Is there an API to do this?
I am not able to use CtrlSetMLEText() since it is used only for custom dialogs.

This is in conjunction to the other messages that I have posted, namely "Multiline ShowMsg" and "Installation Status Display".

Replies to any of these msgs would be of great help.



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Posted 14 April 2005 - 08:27

Hi Vishwa,
Did u got any solution for this, if yes can you please share the details. I need such a modification in STATUSEX.

Vishnu smile.gif


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Posted 24 May 2005 - 22:01

Hi Vishnu,

I am sorry for such a terribly late reply...
If you are still in need of a solution,
I did a FindWindow() on the STATUSEX dialog that gives me the handle. Using that, I found the handle of the text area that I added on this dialog.

Having found the handle of the text area, I did the following

STRING statusText;
POINTER ptrStatusText ;
HWND hStatusText; // handle of the text area

statusText = "Text that should be printed on the StatusEx window";
ptrStatusText = &statusText;
SendMessage(hStatusText, WM_SETTEXT, 0, ptrStatusText);

This, though a much more complicated way than I expected, did the trick for me.

- Vishwa