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Mif files

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mat t

mat t
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Posted 26 February 2001 - 12:25

At the end of an install a MIF file is created - this is originally created in the Windows folder  - and is used (by our master installer) to check that the install ran ok.
Last year the Uk side of your company install an update to SMS was caused the MIF file to be created in the temp folder as well as the windows folder! The workaround was to get the master installer to check both locations... Those in the US didn't have this problem!
I tell you this for background and hope that you may know something similar as we have a problem in Germany now in that the MIF file won't be created... it should have created a file with the name specified in the setup.ini but it errors and the name defaults to status.mif! Status.mif is empty...
Has anybody had similar problems with SMS, esp. those in germany?
Does anyone know of any other services\programs that could affect the creation of MIF files in this way?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks,