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Conditional Install of Merge Modules Not Working

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Posted 14 May 2002 - 22:59

I have a ISDEV 7.0 project which conditionally should include MSDE1.0 if Win95 or MSDE2000 if not.  I have set up two separate features to contain these modules.  I have conditions set in the Condition table for each feature to set the level to 0 if the feature is not to be installed.

On a Win98 test machine, MSDE1.0 starts to install (I cancel it before it completes) even though it shouldn't.  Review of the log shows Feature: MSDE1; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null;  which I think should prevent it from installing.  MSDE2000 shows same except Null is Local in both places.  I have tried setting the level above the INSTALLLEVEL, but both modules want to install anyway.

Any thoughts about how to fix/handle this situation?
Glenn Mitchell[br]3GM Associates, Inc


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Posted 15 May 2002 - 00:09

Is MSDE another one like MDAC that just runs an installer from the binary table in a CustomAction?

If so then you're going to have trouble conditionalising it because all you're saying is "don't install any files related to this feature".  The file isn't related to the feature, it's a CustomAction.

The best thing you can do in my opinion (if this is the case; I'm no expert on MSDE but it works for MDAC) is take a copy of the Merge Module and add conditions onto the custom actions in the ModuleInstallExecuteSequence table, so that the custom actions aren't run on the wrong type of machine.

Be very careful though :) !
Paul Riley (Vector Networks), InstallShield User.